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Here is a small sample of our current line of doo-dads:
(Have an idea for a new doo-dad?  Let us know at



To see our full line go to the Android market and search for "doo-dads"


What is a doo-dad?  A doo-dad is a widget that sole purpose is to add a little bling to your screen without having to change your background or theme. Most doo-dads come in two sizes (1x1 and 2x1) and there is no excessive battery usage like other widgets.

To Install:
1. Purchase, download and install
2. Go to blank area on screen and long hold (press and hold)
3. When menu comes up select Widgets
4. Look for the doo-dad you installed and select it

Your doo-dad should appear on the screen.  If you would like to move it around just press and long hold until you see the doo-dad increase in size then move it to where you want it.

Everybody's screen needs a doo-dad!

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